Big Muscles Xtreme Muscle Fusion,

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Product Details

  • Xtreme Muscle Fusion features a protein source with one of the highest biological values and is easy to digest, mix, and absorb
  • The purest and the safest nutrition available for explosive energy required for rigorous training sessions
  • Enhanced with core ingredients that aids to build more muscle and strength than whey protein alone
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Manufacturer: Big Muscle Pvt Ltd

General Traits
Weight6 lb
Price per kg1385.63
Number of Servings27
Serving Size100 g
Protein per Serving30 g
Protein % per Serving30.0
Weight (kg)2.73
Additional Information
Manufactured inIndia
GoalLean Muscle Mass
Other Traits
Product Code/UPC0704129813786
Weight Bucket6.0
Flavour BaseStrawberry
Protein per Serving Bucket30.0
Nutritional Info For Soy Protein
Protein30 g
Calcium110 mg
Protein % per Serving30.0

Big Muscles Xtreme Muscle Fusion

2.2 lb
Strawberry Twiri

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